Hit it and Quit it – Tanya James

Johnny called in said he got into an accident with some random hot chick named Tanya James. Tanya did not want to call the cops since her insurance rates would go thru the roof. He asked me to head down with my camera since Johnny thought he could work a deal. Being the good friend that I am, I immediately jumped in my car and headed downtown. I pulled up next to Johnny and couldn’t believe my eyes. Tanya was tall, thin, blonde with huge fake tits and sporting fuck me boots. It was so on. Johnny offered her a deal. He wouldn’t call the cops ONLY if she came back to the studio and fucked him on film. Tanya thought about it, asked me some questions, then said why the fuck not. Once back she jumped on Johnny’s huge cock like the secret slut she was. Up and down she bounced, rubbing her fake tits all up in his face until he shot an enormous cum load from her face to pussy. Check out the FULL movie starring Tanya James ONLY at MrBigDicksHotChicks.com

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Hubby Grants Sami Scott’s Kinky Fantasy

For another episode of PleaseBangMyWife.com I met up with my friend Pete, who’s loves to fuck the MILF’s. I forgot to tell him this MILF was someone else’s wife. I told Pete to meet me in the park. When he arrived Sami Scott and her hubby were already waiting. He asked me wtf this was about. I laughed, told him he was going to fuck his wife while he WATCHED! Pete was pissed, took me aside and bitched up a storm. That whinny little bitch. He was dead set against it but that all changed once Sami Scott tore off her clothes, stood there, naked, asking to suck his dick while her husband clapped in the corner. Pete finally gave in. Dropped his pants, whipped out his dick and shoved it down Sami’s throat. Watch Sami Scott’s pussy get pounded by Pete ONLY at PleaseBangMyWife.com

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Mimi – Mimi Bruno’s Classmate!

Good thing Bruno is taking some classes this semester because he gets to scope the campus

for the hottest chicks. One day in his marketing class he gets lucky and finds this half-japanese,

half-spanish broad who is absolutely beautiful. This girl really doesn’t like white guys but The Boss

gets her to get over her white hate and shows her that all white guys aren’t bad, and definitely know

how to fuck!

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Keep the Rollerskates On – Beaue Marie

Amateur Beaue Marie, who is 19 years old, came by my studio to audition to be a star on my exclusive website. Beaue rolled in on skates, knee high socks, pigtails and hot pants. Holy hell she looked good enough to eat. I asked her a couple of questions but kept getting side tracked by her perky teen tits showing thru her white tank top. Beaue said she was dying to become a full fledged pornstar. She loved having sex with either girl or guys and was willing to do just about anything to make her slutty dreams come true. That was music to my ears. I waved my stunt cock on set. He tore off her hot pants, ate her teen ass, flipped her over, munched her teen pussy till Beaue was dripping wet. You got to see Beaue Marie get fucked all while keeping her skates on ONLY at CastingCouchTeens.com

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Titty Fucking April Blossom

Big tit beauty April Blossom showed up on set to shoot an exclusive episode of the famous BigTitPatrol.com. The crew and I were super stoked to catch her huge natural tits on film. April arrived in a tight white tank top and little mini skirt with no bra. Hot damn! I asked April to remove her huge boobs from that tiny tank. She took one tit out, it flopped around, lifted her boob to her mouth and sucked her own nipple. She took her other boob out and pinched her nipple then asked me if I wanted to titty fuck her. Hell YES! I approached April, played with her MILF pussy, wrapped my hands around both boobs, pushed her back on the bed, dropped my pants and titty fucked the shit out of those huge guns. You got to see the FULL movie starring April Blossom ONLY at BigTitPatrol.com

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Linda Morales – Linda Morales Loves Sucking Dick!

Linda Morales is a down an out hottie who just lost her job. The Boss and Bruno were out

one day vacationing and saw this woman eating by herself. She was so sad that the boys had to help her

out. Linda has never done anything like this before, and once The Boss opened up her sexual desires she

fucked like never before. After fucking the Boss your never the same again!

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Charley Chase, Christian XXX

Basking in the sun on a beautiful day Charley Chase oils her body up then lounges on a floater with her boobs hanging out. Naked Christian does laps underneath her inflatable then pops up to surprise her by burying his face between her booty cheeks and blowing on her pink pussy lips. He stands in the pool, giving her a glimpse of his hard wang and inviting her to suck on his tasty schlong. They float along the surface of the water making waves as he plunges into the depths of her fuckhole before taking the show inside to dry off.

Luscious Lopez Booty Shake

Last time I checked my radar it was directly pointing to gorgeous butt babe Luscious Lopez. I had my camera on and got cool clips of her phat juicy ass. This chick knew I was following her and she kept on teasing me with her well rounded mound. She would stop for a while, bend and shake her ass and I had a hard time controlling the every growing boner between my legs. Thank goodness we found are way inside the studio. I can do anything I want to her luscious booty. She threw herself on the bed, stripped her clothes and teased me with her addictive booty shaking. I asked my buddy to hold the camera for me and I started caressing her ass, spat on it and slap it real hard. I got a well deserved break right after, Luscious got the upper hand and swallowed my dong wholly. I got a great view of her bouncy booty the whole time I was fucking her and I even got her behind coated with my hot spunk. You got to see how tempting Luscious Lopez’s round mound of ass really is only at RoundMoundofAss.com

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Once You Go Black – Mia Bang

Mia Bang came to our studio, laid down on our pink bed and began caressing her body. I instantly grabbed my camera to capture the show on film. I asked Mia if she ever had a big cock up her tight twat before. She said a couple dicks but nothing over 10 inches. I asked her if she would ever fuck a big BLACK cock. She thought about it while massaging her pink pussy, then say yes. I waved on my black cock stunt. Mia Bang smiled, grabbed his huge dick, placed it in her mouth and struggled to deep throat his dong. She lifted her head up, said wow that’s really big, then asked him to bang her doggie, cuz it goes the deepest. He took his 12 inch magic stick, rammed it into her pussy and fucked the living shit out of her. Check out the FULL movie of Mia Bang getting drilled by BLACK cock ONLY at GiantsBlackMeatWhiteTreat.com

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Alison Tyler, Billy Glide

Billy and Allison decide to skip the vid, and go straight to his place for a deep shaft and hard bang. Once she realized how massive his fucking penis was she had no objections. He can’t stop worshipping her jumbo tits. She sucks his fat hog while Billy eats her juicy tasty coochie as she screams for more. She opens her long legs up and Billy shoves his dong inside her and fucks her like the goddess she is. Allison sits on his face while he tongues her butt and cream filled cooche before he bangs her even harder as she she craves the deepest ride of her life.