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Carolyn Reese’s presence at the studio was a little hard to ignore. Here was this sultry blonde babe in red high heels wearing a red chiffon ruffled bustier with a gorgeous set of D cup tits just waiting to come out and play with me. Carolyn was ready for me to play with them too because when I walked onto the set, her top came down and my hard dick was sliding between those huge mounds. After Carolyn sucked me for a while to get my full attention, I stuck it inside her trimmed twat and the action really got hot. At first I fucked her sideways on the couch but then she rode me and I turned her around and nailed that fine stuff doggie style too while I grabbed onto her boobs from behind. I had Carolyn from behind, holding onto her leg while I banged her standing up when I started to get ready to explode. Carolyn Reese got on her knees and pushed her tits together as I shot a thick glazing all over them. As you can tell, I sure didn’t ignore her.

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Alison Tyler, Billy Glide

Billy and Allison decide to skip the clip, and go straight to his place for a deep dickhead and hard fuck. Once she realized how giant his pounding tool was she had no objections. He can’t stop worshipping her large boobs. She sucks his fat hog while Billy eats her juicy tasty vag as she screams for more. She opens her long legs up and Billy shoves his penis inside her and bangs her like the goddess she is. Allison sits on his face while he tongues her anus and cum filled beaver before he fucks her even harder as she she craves the deepest ride of her life.


This college sophomore had just been broken in. Not a virgin anymore, but not completely spoiled, Jennifer was one fresh bitch that could light our chemicals. At only 4 feet 11 inches, this pint-sized slut has an amazing trim body that you can’t help but bone furiously. She says she didn’t particularly like the first time she was punctured, because it hurt and it happened so fast. The lucky guy was her girlfriend’s ex. Jennifer was just browsing for books inside the library when she chanced upon the guy in a secluded corner. He was looking at her while fondling himself. She always had the hots for the guy and it took no time for them to fuck between the shelves of Plato and Shakespeare.

Jennifer remembered that incident with a frown. The heat hasn’t left her yet. She needs to release something that’s brimming from within. TheBoss told her she just needed to get laid. Without missing a beat, she was already undressing in the bathroom and telling her partner to be gentle. Will she get what she wanted, or will forces conspire to get her into a different kind of fucking she never had before. Watch and the see the drama unfold! Not for the squeamish. This one is nasty!

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Amateur Couple Takes the Cock

Jimmy and I were out in front of a discount store when we saw this young couple having a heated discussion about money. As we approached them, Reena Sky was giving her boyfriend Joey grief about not even having fifty cents in his pocket to pay for her ride on a mini merry go round. You know you’re having problems when you can’t rub two quarters together but, of course, we had a solution. We put $1000 in Reena’s hands and told her it was all hers if she fucked me on camera. Joey’s pride was pretty hurt but he couldn’t do anything to stop Reena. Besides they were in desperate need of cash so when this cute brunette got back to Jimmy’s with us, she got on her knees to suck my dick in no time. Reena was all about the cash and I think she was pretty damn horny too. I grabbed Reena by the ankles and stuck my meat deep inside her trimmed pussy. We were over every corner of that bed and in just about every direction when I finally was stroking Reena’s snatch from the backdoor. I pulled out when I felt ready to cum and gave Reena Sky a taste of my jizz right on her lips. I hope that was a better ride for Reena than the merry go round.

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Ghetto Teen Spreads Pussy – Rain Rivera

Marcus pulled a no-show with the studio so I got the call to take a ride to find some black teen trim. Not just any young pussy but a project. Someone in desperate need of an extreme makeover that I could bang like crazy after she was all made up and looking fine. I was new to the game but my man Jack said he had just the spot to find some prospects so we checked it out. We saw this one chick from a distance but it was hard to tell how really broken down she was until we got up closer. Rain Rivera looked like she hadn’t slept in about a week but there was some hope under all that mess of hers so we convinced her that we’d fix her up into hottie status. Rain said yes and took a ride with us to Jack’s place where she got transformed into a long hair, pink lingerie wearing sex queen. Rain could see my dick was getting hard and she went right down after it. I didn’t need much sucking because I was ready to fuck her with my long black schlong. I put Rain’s legs way back when I first stuck my rod inside her and she dug it. She was a moaner and a screamer and told me to do what I wanted to her. I did just that, right up until the time I jerked off a load right on her tits. Glad to fill in for you Marcus.

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Ross De La Hoya

Ross was an ex nun who was excommunicated because she had said to her superiors that aliens had been visiting her bedroom and was raping her every night. But the other sisters from the convent weren’t so sympathetic. They ridiculed her. One older nun slapped her squarely in the face for speaking such heathenish blasphemy! Ross didn’t know who to turn to. Their mother superior just laughed at her face and signed her marching papers. When they booted her off, Ross realized that she might be insane.

With the money that’s given to her, she spent the whole week on a bender. Ross drank bottles of tequila, mugs of margarita and bottles of cerveza in such an alarming rate that the barkeep had went back to praying the rosary. Bruno and Pedro were drinking in the same cantina when they saw poor Sister Ross in fits of inebriated rage. They finally took pity on her, carried her to their hotel room and proceeded to shoot this porno. We didn’t want to waste her sweet pussy to any more madness. Still, no aliens appeared to rape her again.

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Mr Big Scores Loona Luxx AND Nika Noire

Johnny met Loona Luxx and Nika Noire at a pornstar bash last weekend. Both girls wanted to fuck Johnny that evening but Johnny being the responsible stunt cock decided to save the show for my lens. Finally a few days later he got a text from Loona Luxx so we promptly drove deep into in the Hollywood Hills. Loona Luxx and Nika Noire were wearing fuck me clothes. As soon as Johnny walked into the house those sexy babes where molesting him like they hadn’t seen cock in weeks. Loona Luxx led Johnny up the stairs while Nika Noire followed. Tube tops, skirts and panties were dropping while Johnny was fingering both pussies at once. He fingered fucked those pornstars till they begged for cock but first they had to suck him off. Soon after it became a hot mess of horny fucking. I could barely keep my focus. After almost an hour of dirty sex Johnny blew his load over both chicks. Job well done my man.

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Take the Gloves Off – Brittney Angel

I was driving by one of our favorite parks to score young chicks when I saw this long legged blondie running laps and stopping to throw a few blows on a punching bag. It was quite entertaining and the girl was really cute so I called Julian to bring the camera to see if we could interest her in trying out for our special teen club. Brittney Angel told us she wanted to be a boxer someday but she really had a lot of work to do in that area. I had a feeling she would do just fine with a simpler task like putting my big dick in her mouth. I found out the answer soon enough when Brittney decided to come back to the studio. She had just the tightest body and a really tasty teen pussy I fingered and lapped up like it was honey. Nothing quite like eating young snatch. And just like I knew she could, Brittney could definitely handle sucking my swollen meat. I put my dick inside her doggie style at first before I busted Brittney all over the bed. She was a hot ride and I ended it with giving her a gooey facial. It pays to see what’s up at the parks once in a while.

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Bunny Adams

Bunny Adams has a lot of ambition. She wanted to have her own house before she’s 22. She wanted to have her own car before she’s 24. She wanted to have a baby before she’s 27. She seems to have everything mapped out. But what she wants, she doesn’t necessarily get. For one thing, she didn’t finish her schooling. She doesn’t have a college diploma and she doesn’t have that high paying job that would enable her to get ahead in the rat race. So what does she do? She turns to hooking!

Bunny’s best features comes from her face. She is pretty. But her beauty is feral. She has that face that makes you think she’s one horny little slut. And if you think of her that way, then she wants you to be her customer. She’s a cat on the prowl and she needs guys to screw her so she can save up enough cash towhisk her to her dreams . No need to feel sorry for her. She likes to fuck. She has a hardy pussy that can take wear and tear for a long time. A champion vagina, indeed! In this porno, she enjoys hardcore interracial action and gets to savor our stud’s milky goodness in her mouth. Will cumbrushing help her attain her ambition, even if she admits hating the taste of sperm? With the money we just paid her, you bet your ass she can!

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Ego Killer – Faith Delucca

Baldy Max was 0 for 4 searching for hot chicks. He spotted Karlie Montana at the coffee shop waiting for her sister and brother in law. Apparently her sister was a freaky MILF. Karlie always caught her sister, Faith Delucca, masturbating at home. Her husband looked like a dud in bed. As soon as I mentioned the please bang my wife site her eyes lit up. Hubby thought it was all around a bad idea but Faith thought Max was hot. They followed us back to the studio and the slutty housewife quickly undressed, spread her legs and told Max to fuck her good. Well Max is no slouch. He pounded that MILF pussy till she screamed for more and more and more. Damn this wife was horny. Poor hubby sat in the corner looking quite depressed especially after she told him Max’s cock was bigger. I suspect a divorce is in their near future. Now only if I could bang her sister too!

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