Waitress Turned Insta Pornstar – Alexis Love

Headed over to Tommy’s house. On the way I saw a grand opening sign for a new Spanish restaurant with a line of Spanish hotties picking up applications. One in particular caught my eye. Long black hair, tiny jean skirt and black shirt showing a fair amount of cleavage. I decided to grab Tommy and roll back by. Hoping she would still be there. As luck would have it, Alexis Love was sitting on the curb. I pointed her out to Tommy. He agreed. Perfect for our next video shoot. We pulled up, offered her some cash to do a bit of nude modeling, wink wink. Alexis Love agreed. Better than waiting on asshole customers, she said. With that we headed back to the studio so explore her spanish pussy. Come DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at HornySpanishFlies.com

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Asa Akira Wants the Biggest American Cock

Asa Akira came from the Land of the Rising Sun. She was looking to break into the adult industry and her first spot was Mr Chews, thankfully. She had long black silky hair, skimpy paid skirt and a sexy tank that hugged her round tits. She was an Asian beauty. Asa Akira sat on the couch while I asked her a few questions. Does she like America? Is it everything she expected it to be? Blah blah blah. She cut the interview short. Told me she was here to fuck big American cock and to cut out the small talk. Well OK Asa! I waved my trusty stunk cock on set. He slapped her Asian ass, ripped her top off and tongued Asa’s already erect nipples. He moved down to her Asian pussy. Lapped it up, then rammed his cock down her throat until he was good and hard. He then spread her creamy Asian thighs and jack hammered her snatch until she came, hard. DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at MrChewsAsianBeaver.com baby!

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Janet – First Scene!

Janet is a first timer. Never did any porn or any of its kind. So why now we ask her? Money, of course. Well if she is gonna make that money then she is gonna have to work for it. IncrediblePass does not let these bitches get away for free that was for damn sure. Well the Boss comes out and makes her ass earn every penny.

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June Summers, Justice Young

June Summers is a realty agent showing a client a commercial studio for rent. This oversize breasted brunette is a total pro who knows her properties inside and out. Justice is a young, rich music guy who wants to get to know June’s body from the inside out, too. So our hottie uses her cannons to close the deal. Watch her reach for his thick tool then swallow it down her throat before offering her titties up for a cozy titty bang. That is one firm space she’s got there, only bested by her tiny coochie hole which bangs like it belongs to a teenager. Watch as she gets her hairy twat pounded from every position before kneeling to catch a warm load of jism in her mouth.

Shawna Lenee, Joey Brass

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a smoking hot chick trying to break in? Well for Joey Brass, the dream comes true when a big titted blonde manages to get inside of his house but what she doesn’t know is that Joey knows how to fight dirty. He manages to tie up Shawna Lenee and tease her, by licking and sucking on her two huge knockers, just for trying to steal from him. At first she resists, but when she sees Joey’s hot abs and raging boner showing through his pants she gets turned on and can’t wait to be untied so she can slide her pink pussy on his huge dick.

Kaci Star’s Squirting Camel Toe

Oh Kaci Star. She was a tad on the chunky side when we shot this exclusive video for all you pussy squirting lovers. Thick ass, big tits and the prettiest camel toe on the planet. I had originally planned on shooting her for another one of our teen sites but Kaci said she has been practicing her squirting ability by masturbating daily with a glass dildo. She assured me when go time came she could squirt out a fountain from her phat camel toe. I had my doubts. The day of the shoot arrived. Kaci Star showed up looking all sorts of cute. I waved my stunt cock on set. He fingered fucked her sweet snatch, licked her clit till Kaci was shaking. He then spread her creamy, slightly chunky thighs, rammed his huge cock deep inside her doggie style and pounded away until teen Kaci squirted out a stream of pussy cum. Guess I was wrong! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at SeeHerSquirt.com.

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Stripper Turned Pornstar – Britney Brighton

Johnny needed his caffeine fix. He could be quite a prick without it. Off to starbucks we go. I was starting to hate that place until Johnny said we were meeting up with a hot babe he met at the Candy Kat which is a local strip club. That’s when I saw a gorgeous dark haired beauty sipping an ice coffee. Bingo. I strolled over, camera in head, offered Britney Brighton a free lance job. Getting her pussy eaten by a professional stunt cock Johnny. Britney looked him up and down, smiled, grabbed his packet and said only if she could return the favor by deep throating his massive dong. Check out the DOWNLOADABLE movie starring Britney Brighton ONLY at MrBigDicksHotChicks.com

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Jennifer Kuwait

This first timer babe confesses that she has an exhibitionist streak. With those words uttered, Jennifer and Incredible Pass hit it off right away! We were initially impressed with her vitals. More notable were her thin waist, her kickass booty and an amazing pair of 34D tits! 100% natural, she reminds us. We were already seeing her in the porno playing in our heads and we lost no time to make that into reality.

She tells us that she wants to graduate from her childhood with a bang. Little did she know that we really had plans of wiping her innocence from the map, and so much more. We just didn’t want to freak her out. She’s nineteen after all! While in the busines of shooting, she tells us that as a woman living in a Muslim country is like just a pig in a farm, resigning to a life before being slaughtered for food. She hates it here and she wants to be free! Jennifer wants sexual independence and have the ability to live like a Western woman. I hope she doesn’t equate shooting porno to live like a Western woman, because it’s just not realistic. But then, independence also means breaking all the taboos in her life, including this. So she was a happy camper sucking cock like a Hoover and plunging hard cocks into her sweet tight pussy. She really was an Arabian bitch in heat.

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Teen Sex Freak – Missy Stone

An ad looking for aspiring teen models always worked for me so I posted another one for my latest exclusive video. The studio was jam packed with eager teens. Too bad one spot was available. It was hard to choose since all of them were in their birthday suit. I made up my mind and chose Missy Stone. She wore this simple yellow top and matched it with her sexy jean skirt. This teen cutie looked very simple but her sparkling blue eyes got me big time. She was a bit shy in front of the camera but once I showed her wads of cash, she slowly dropped her clothes for me. Missy Stone spread her legs for me, I went it and damn it felt so soft and moist. I knew she was craving badly for my huge cock, I told her to drop to the floor and suck me until my dick grew fatter and fatter. Catch another sizzling hot Casting Couch Teens audition starring Missy Stone ONLY at CastingCouchTeens.com

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Jessica Valentino Craves a Cocksicle

It was a slow day for the Bang Bang crew. I’ve passed almost all schools in town with no takers. I saw lots of oldies flagging us down, sigh. The ice cream man ONLY wants to score with 18 year old trim. I had one private school left to roll by. Luckily the school was letting out. I rolled around the back and was flagged down by a slutty teen in her skimpy plaid school uniform. Jimmy opened the window, she leaned in, asked to purchase a screwball, giggled and stared at Jimmy’s cock. He had just ran out of screwballs but had a special treat in the back of the van if Jessica Valentino was game. Once in the van, she was nervous and began to ramble about how her all girl school sucks, no boys, never had a cock before and that’s when Jimmy lifted her skirt, felt her already warm pussy, fingered it then whipped out his huge dong. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE movie ONLY at IceCreamBangBang.com baby!

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