Crystal is a statuesque and tall twenty four year old ex model who needs a new gig fast! But one look at her, we knew she’ll have lots of assignments with us. Crystal, you see, is one bombastic babe! She is a busty girl with natural perky 34Ds. She has an ample ass that’s great for shaking and doing anal. She’s just perfect for Incredible Pass! Good thing, we discovered her. She’s on her last dime and she doesn’t know where to look for money next. We never turn down the opportunity to exploit busty ex models. And she won’t be the last.

Her partner is Big Fat Bruno. They seem to be a match made in heaven and it looks like it, once you see the porno. But instead of fucking like a married couple, they made one kickass session that would turn woodys in record time! Crystal may be broke, but she’s one cock-hungry cunt this side of Latin America. Watch her swallow Bruno’s cock whole! Man, does she know how to suck cock! Women should watch her expertise as her mouth has a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve. This cock-proficient ho even has a few surprises when Bruno buries his love wand into her wet garden of delights! Make sure you stay tuned to this cum-happy madness, and you will be richly rewarded.

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Derek and I were on the hunt for a hot young white chick for me to bang in a scene but I was starving so we delayed our mission for some lunch. That was the plan anyway until we saw Gina over by the drive thru we were heading to. Gina was walking so we offered to give her a ride. Of course she was leery at first but after talking and getting her to laugh a bit, she decided to jump in the truck. On the way we told her we were out scouting for a cutie just like her and the pay was pretty good too. Gina liked the money part especially and decided to check things out over at the studio. We definitely had a vibe going so I asked to check out her body a little closer and she undressed to her undies. My cock was rising in my pants and when I pulled out my black monster, she came right over to suck me. I wasn’t too long after that I had her panties off and was drilling her tight white pussy with her legs spread wide open. She kept on telling me how huge I was and that got me all fired up. I went wild on this slut, banging her on the bed, in the chair and back over to the bed again. I was slamming that stuff doggie style when I felt ready to burst, and Gina hit the floor to taste my load. Now that was way better than eating lunch.

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I’m a sucker when it comes to hot tight teen ass. Who isn’t? So when I saw these two wannabe teen athletes struggling to kick a soccer ball, I just knew I had to give them a tryout back at the studio for our select teen club. Rachel and Pricilla were all about competition so it was no real problem getting them to show me their skills. If fucking my big cock with their tight pussies and deep throating my dick were sporting events, these two young sluts would be first team. Take a closer peek for yourself when you enter here!

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Ellie Rivera

Ellie Rivera

Ellie is a breath

of fresh air from our batch of hos! She’s a free-spirited hippy who’s willing to try things for the first time. The reason she’s doing it not because she

needs money, but because she’s seeking spiritual enlightenment. When others seek meaning thru books and meditation, she seeks it

through loveless

fucking. She tells us she would like to live vicariously, and doing porno is living vicariously

. We like Ellie already. But when production came, she turned into a piece of work altogether! She’s become quite freaky. Not Michael Jackson freaky,

mind you. But imagine Darryl Hannah as that robot-girl in Blade Runner and you get my drift.

Ellie’s a kooky bird with a fat pussy and a curvaceous body. Oh, didn’t we mention she’s also a first timer ? We

slice her oyster

open to feast on her goodness from within! As good as she is, her behavior during the set was just odd. While we change camera angles, she becomes

catatonic and starts weaving her hair, chanting something in Spanish. But as soon as we’re ready to shoot, she snaps back to reality and performs like a bitch in heat!

What a psycho

this bitch is. Hard to believe that she fucks great in front of the camera.

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Theo told me that he is getting lazy banging his petite and pretty blonde wife Lindsay after four years of dull marriage. On the other hand, I wanted to show him how to bang such a luscious looking spouse like Lindsay so I worked my tongue on her pussy and tits right in front of him. Watch me please and add spice to this couple’s marriage when you click here!

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Jordan Blue, Alex Gonz

Jordan Blue has some serious hooters. Her body is tight, her backside is perfect and she loves having a oversize meatstick deep inside her. She had Alex Gonz over to her house to help her with a job and decided that he was doing such a good job she wanted to tip him so she pulled her oversize boobs out and let him suck on them. He stood up and slid his weiner down her throat and full on fucked her mouth then he put her legs up over his shoulders and fucked her snatch hard. When he was ready to cum he laid his dick between her tits and blasted a hot load all over her boobs and face.

Alison Tyler, Chris Strokes

I’m always a fan of seeing huge natural tits in porn, especially when they’re on a lovely looking gal like Alison Tyler. This model next door is a total tramp and doesn’t care who knows it, so she’s showing off her stuff on camera. She’s in the mood for a hefty manhood so she meets up with Chris Strokes, wanting to wrap her lips around that shlong and go to town with it. Before long she’s going to make sure that her natural boobs are pointed right at the camera and are bouncing to the best effect while she’s getting pounded.

Brunette Tease Finally Swallows My Load

While Julian was interviewing this sexy chick Camryn, he warned her she was going to have to swallow all my finish at the end of the scene. She just smiled and quietly said, I think I can do that. I love chicks like that. The ones that don’t brag about how good they are sexually but you just get the feeling you’re going to go on a happy ride somewhere. Camryn was just like that. She was wearing this long yellow sweater that barely covered her ass and some panties underneath that has my eyes just locked on right there. Camryn was squirming around doing a great job of teasing me and when her ass was right in front of me, I came onto the set and buried my face right between her firm cheeks. Her pussy and tart ass tasted great and before she started sucking my big dick, I was hard. She didn’t have to suck me long because I was ready to bang the daylights out of her. I grabbed her legs and spread them wide when I stuck my cock inside her wet shaved snatch. It was pure sexual bliss from there because Camryn really turned me on. We really got off on each other. I started tensing up, getting ready to cum while I was drilling Camryn doggie style when I had her go on her knees. She opened her mouth wide and I blasted a gooey wad of goo right down her throat. Camryn just smiled and winked. I like that.

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When we were interviewing her, we noticed at once that there was something wrong with Jay. Yes, at nineteen, she has blossomed into a sexpot. But as she opened her mouth, we knew that she is one fries less of a Happy Meal! I wonder how much brain cells had been sacrificed to get her to be looking so delicious! When we feel dismay on how this girl needs professional help, her winning attitude and her body kept our perception of her dimness at bay.

This is after all Incredible Dollars, and not Jeopardy. Brains can be checked out in the counter, so we shushed our hypocrisy aside and tried making one good porno! As it turned out, Jay was a consummate performer. In other words, she loved to consume everything. She sucked and chewed that big fat cock like it was buffalo wings. She pawed at her man like his legs were pulled pork strings. When the cock assaulted her pussy, we swore the cock was being pulled like taffy! And when the jism exploded on her face, she ate that cum like it was creamed corn! This bitch had an appetite. We knew we gave her lunch hours before. We were almost afraid for our guy. But then again, her passion had also created hard ons, and that’s all that really mattered.

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My friend Rachel is about the horniest lesbian I know so when I heard her message about a water balloon fight she was having with a couple of other hot chicks, I grabbed my camera and was off. She’s always asking me to shoot her while she’s eating out some other chick. Now I hoped I had the opportunity. It all sounded promising. At the very least I’d probably catch some wet tee shirt action. What I wound up with was a lot more than that. Rachel’s best friend Kayden was over at the house too and the third girl was this cute blonde teen they had just met named Alexis. They all were soaking wet when I got there but I could see they were getting tired. The three wet chicks all sat down on this funky semi circle sectional that was outside and that’s when the fun began. Tee shirts came off and then it was bikinis. It was just a few seconds before they were all naked, sucking and licking on each other’s sexy bodies. Rachel was the ringleader so when I saw the fuck toys getting into the mix, I knew the party was really on. I can only describe the action as delicious. I had never seen so many nice pussies and titties going at it before at one time. My cock was hard so I knew I was loving all the action I was catching in my viewfinder. Well at least Rachel has a video now and I have quite a memory.

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