Nasty Talkin Ho Plays Round – ShaViva

We played around with other bitches before but hey, this ho sure is tight. She knows how to be cool around my homeboy even if he keeps on talking shit about her. I picked her up wearing a very loose shirt, black pants and flip flops. Trashy! We told ShaViva we’d hook her up if she would star in a video with my boy after a pimptastic makeover. Ghetto teen agreed. My girl dressed her in pink number, got her hair did and cleaned her dirty ass feet. When we went back to the studio, my boy was going crazy over this girl’s fat and perky ass. This girl’s got attitude, never mind class coz she sure doesn’t have it but this ho’s gotta be one of my favorites. Watch me pound her pink and juicy cunt only here on Pimp my Black Teen.

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Nina Star – First White Timer!!

Everything was going well. Nina was all ready to suck some cock and take some dick but as soon as we mentioned she’d be with a

white man everything went wrong. She says she would never touch a white man. “Get me a black man” she says. Even when she was offered five

hundred dollars she said she would never fuck a white, cracker, honky motherfucker. WOW! That’s a racist bitch! Well we don’t take no for an

answer especially from a prejudice bitch like this. We got her to thinking she would be doing a black guy but she;s in for a nice white


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Fucking for Higher Education – Taylor Nix

College frosh Taylor Nix saw the flyer I posted on campus and went to my office to inquire about the scholarship requirements. She is 19 years old, broke and doesn’t have enough cash to pay for her books. She works part time at the student center. That job doesn’t pay dick, as Taylor explained. She needed about two grand before the upcoming semester or she might have to drop out. As we were chatting, Will, our pretend college student cruised in asking about the same scholarship Taylor was working me for. I told them both, if they stared together in a college film, I would hook them both up with the funds. Taylor jumped at the chance. I told her to take her clothes off, she heisted, asked me for the money, I showed her the cash, she finished getting undressed while Will was rubbing his huge cock underneath his worn out gym shorts. Taylor stood their naked, waiting for her next set of instructions. Will stood up, cock as stiff as a board and told Taylor to suck him off. You have to see what college cutie Taylor Nix does next ONLY at

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Double Sided Dildo Attacks Teen Lexi

Lesbian Joey is always on the hunt for new teen pussy. She can never seem to get enough. Joey reminds me of a horny frat dude. Anyways we were out and about when Lexi caught her eye. She was a cute blonde teen in a super short jean skirt. Hell, Lexi caught my eye too and I was hoping Joey would be able to land that trim. Joey asked Lexi to go have a few drinks with her back at my place. Lexi was bored so said why not. Once I got back both girls back to my place Joey turned on the charm. She was telling Lexi how beautiful she was while massaging her creamy milky thighs. Joey leaned in, kissed Lexi and it was fucking on. Joey ate out Lexi until she came then busted out the double sided dildo and showed her what lesbian sex was all about. DOWNLOAD the FULL movie to watch Joey fuck the shit out of teen Lexi ONLY at

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Alison Tyler, Billy Glide

Billy and Allison decide to skip the clip, and go straight to his place for a deep wang and hard bang. Once she realized how enormous his banging dickhead was she had no objections. He can’t stop worshipping her big tits. She sucks his fat hog while Billy eats her moist tasty snatch as she screams for more. She opens her long legs up and Billy shoves his meatstick inside her and fucks her like the goddess she is. Allison sits on his face while he tongues her ass and jizz filled beaver before he bangs her even harder as she she craves the deepest ride of her life.

Cassandra Cologera – Teeth Whitening The Natural Way!

Cassandra is a young, sexy college girl. She resides in New York and is barely legal. We gave her a vibrator to play with and

once she was turned on, there was no stopping her horniness! When we told Cassandra about the natural way of whitening teeth with cum, she

couldn’t refuse.

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Teen Jasmine Tame Gives her First Foot Job

I am a total sucker for tasty looking feet and cute toes. Jasmine Tame stepped into the studio in her gold high heeled pumps and confessed that she hasn’t fucked a guy with her feet before. I watched her as she sucked her toes in front of the camera and man, was I getting really horny. Good thing she likes big dicks coz mine is so fucking hard I was aching to dip my hard cock inside her. So when I was called in, I wasted no time, I immediately sucked her toes and fondled her wet coochie. I fucked Jasmine in a bunch of different positions while her toes tweaked my nipples. This teen was super flexible. It was sick. I pulled my dick out right before I was going to blow my load and Jasmine finished me off with one hell of a foot job. Check out the crazy cumshot ONLY at

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Average Girls Try Harder – Rosie Thorn

I had officially run out of teen girls to shoot. No one was responding to my ads I ad placed every college paper within 200 miles. I had to take the hunt to the streets. I jumped in my car, grabbed my camera man and started hitting every park, mall, college, coffee shop we could find. Still no fucking luck. That’s it. I gave up. We headed home, cracked a beer when we heard a knock on the door. The decent looking teen showed up holding one of my many ads. She was average, little on the skinny side but whatever, I needed to shoot another exclusive episode. I sat her on the casting couch and asked a few basic interview questions. Her name was Rosie Thorn and she straight up wanted to be a pornstar. Rosie knew she didn’t have top model potential. She gladly stripped down to her panties, flashed her hairy pussy and asked me when the stunt cock would arrive. Well OK girlie, let’s get this show on the road. The stunt cock arrived on set and the fuck fest was on. DOWNLOAD the entire movie of Rosie Thorn ONLY at

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Charley Chase, Christian XXX

Basking in the sun on a beautiful day Charley Chase oils her body up then lounges on a floater with her tits hanging out. Naked Christian does laps underneath her inflatable then pops up to surprise her by burying his face between her booty cheeks and sucking on her pink pussy lips. He stands in the pool, giving her a glimpse of his hard wang and inviting her to suck on his tasty schlong. They float along the surface of the water making waves as he plunges into the depths of her snatch before taking the show inside to dry off.

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This voluptuous ebony goddess is one nasty chick. She has these huge beautiful tits and a fat ass. She really loves to suck

cock and any cock will do. Africa called us up one day begging to be fucked so we knew she was desperate for a fuck. We went over to her

place and she was already getting herself warmed up! She had the best time ever because we treated her exactly how she likes it, using her

like a Human Toilet Bowl!

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