Sweaty Camel Toe – Byrnn Tyler

Derek and I were on the prowl for the athletic type of chick so we went over to the local college to see what we could find. We went by the track and saw this cute blonde going working out in a super tight pink pair of spandex jogging pants. We were way up in the bleachers at first and I could swear we could already see a camel toe profile in her crotch. We took a walk down to get a closer peek and started a little small talk with Brynn. She said she played soccer there so I explained she would be perfect for our camel toe contest. Brynn was embarrassed because she knew exactly what I was talking about but then she proceeded to slide her spandex tighter up inside her lips and I nearly lost it right there. She said she would give it a go so Brynn finished her workout and drove over to the studio. I had her spandex pants off and my tongue licking her shaved slit quicker than Brynn could say camel toe. She had a great tight body and my dick was hard solid meat when she got down on the floor to suck me. She got on top of me for a crazy ride and from that point on, Brynn was giving me a sex workout like I’ve never had before. This chick could fuck and keep coming for more. Finally I couldn’t hold out one second longer and shot by man juice all over her puffy pussy lips. I know I’m not going to be running any laps today after that action.

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Jessica Roberts, Christian XXX

Everybody knows chunky bitches know how to suck and bang! Jessica Roberts is one of those voluptuous girls with curves in all the right places. From her giant boobs to her delicious round bootie, what’s not to love?! Christian spies this hottie struttin’ her stuff and pulls up to her in his car and after chatting her up, he brings Jessica back to his place. Touching horny, she drops her top and unleashes her awesome boobs for Christian to lick and suck on. After getting his dick slobbered on, he just has to tap that rump! Watch him pump Jessica’s fat vag off his dick and spray ejaculate all over her wet tits!

Dina Richards

Another big breasted beauty in the form of Dina Richards suddenly appeared in our doorstep demanding attention. She wants to star in her own porno and she wants it now! Bruno’s jaw dropped when she saw her. The eighteen year old reminded him of his neighbor that he used to have in the States. He told us that he sneaks outside her bathroom window to see her shower. He admits his cock was sore after whacking so many times during those days. That bitch was hot. And now in comes Dina. Fate seems to be smiling on him.

Dina had that girl next door appeal. She seemed available and yet there was something there that makes you want to take a second look. Maybe it was her natural 34D cup. This first timer finally got what she was looking and she got it in spades. Her pussy got sliced and stuffed with big throbbing rock hard cock! Our enthusiastic stud pumps her mercilessly until he busts his nuts exploding on her mouth and cheeks. What a fucking mess! Good thing Dina knows how to clean-up her act with the use of her tongue, fingers and toothbrush! What fun!

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Girl Next Door Squirter – Sunny Lane

I couldn’t help but notice when Sunny was in the studio describing how she squirted for the first time, she was constantly touching her tits and other parts of her body like she couldn’t wait to cum. Neither could I as I sat listening to her rubbing my crotch as my dick got harder and harder. Sunny was already ready naked when I made my appearance on the set. I started licking and fingering her trimmed pussy and Sunny was already getting soaking wet. After she gave my cock a long tongue massage I began to pound her snatch with Sunny’s legs wide open. I thought she was about to shoot her juice right there but she was just getting primed up. When I turned her over and fucked her doggie style, Sunny began to breathe rally fast and squirted her cum all over my cock as her juice soaked me and the bed. I kept pumping away waiting for my turn to blast off and when I finally did, I gave her serious cum glazing all over her face. I’d hate to be the clean up crew on this one.

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Interracial Threesome – Maria Belluci & Jennifer Dark

Jennifer had shot with us before and gave the studio a call to check out a friend of hers that we might be interested in so Derek called me to come along to scout out the situation. We met up with Jennifer and her best friend Maria over coffee. Jennifer was quite hot and I had heard she was an awesome fuck while Maria looked good enough to eat. Both chicks were Hungarian with this awesome accent and had no reservations about sex. We were just planning to shoot Maria in action with me but Jennifer wanted to join the party too and that was more than fine with me. We go to business quickly when we got back to the studio as Jennifer sat her snatch right down on my face while Maria got her first taste of real black cock. Jennifer didn’t want to miss out on her opportunity to suck my cock so she got right on it too. Once Jennifer started riding my meat, things got totally wild. The freakier, the better for these two horny sluts as my dick was going from pussy to pussy while getting licked and sucked in between. It was out of this world. When I was about to blast off, Jennifer put her face down near Maria’s pussy while I was pounding her as I pulled out and shot my load. A horny white girl is great but two are even better.

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Kara Davis

Biology had never been our strong suit. But just one look at Kara, we’re willing to understand the intricacies of her anatomy through careful study! What’s nice about this 22-year old slut newcummer is that she had never shot porn before. She had tried doing it with her exes but never had the nerve to shoot an actual one. We were shocked why she hadn’t done it before. Kara had nothing to be ashamed of! She has an unspoiled pair of 36DDs and the roundest bubble booty that’s just asking to be spanked! Kara is one delightful fruit that needs to opened up and eaten!

Kara becomes a willing Biology experiment. We want to know how her hot hungry mouth can worship a big fat tube of man meat as she tries to wrap her probing lips hard on the cockhead. We wanted to investigate what would happen if a big rock-hard cock would impale a welcoming tight wet pussy.

We took lots of notes and this one took more than an hour’s worth of scientific inquiry. This might be a very important find in Incredible Dollars. There’s one more question on our minds that needs answering: does she swallow? We’ll know soon enough.

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Roller Skating Newbie – Adriana Neveah

Adriana came to the studio in her sexy outfit that perfectly matches her cute roller skates. She looks so bubbly and her curiosity will surely rewarded her with lots of exciting stuffs later on. This chick looks really sexy, teasing me with her small tits and shaved young pussy. I have to admit, I was turned on when she flashed her sweet tight pussy and I can’t help but offer her my massive cock in that instant. This big cock teen addict engulfs my monster cock like she’s really hungry for man meat and I definitely gave her the best fuck ever in doggy style. See me as I drill her wet young twat even more with my big cock when you CLICK HERE

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Broke Coed Cutie – Drew Butterfly

If every there was a coed in desperate need of financial assistance, just check out one on a pay phone. I mean, I didn’t even know they existed anymore until I saw this cute college cutie Drew talking on one. Apparently she lost her cell phone and was waiting for her dad to come by campus to bring her a few dollars. That’s where Jimmy and I come in. We offered Drew our special scholarship and she was totally interested in the money part. Drew hadn’t even paid for a book yet but she resisted slightly when we told her she had to get nude. Of course that’s not all we wanted her to do but I didn’t want to push her too hard because she was so damn cute and her body was solid. Finally Drew took the bait and went back with us to Jimmy’s. I must say she figured out the true plan pronto because she was down on her knees with my dick in her mouth pronto. Once she slid her tight teen snatch down on my hard cock, Drew became a horny fuck machine. She sure gave me a workout to keep up with her but the pussy was really good so I banged her hard. Drew even took my load right in her mouth. Just another appreciative scholarship recipient.

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Blind Date Pole Dancer – Kylie Reese

I had never been that great with the chicks but I knew this guy Jimmy that told me he could set me up on a date with a guarantee I would get laid as long as he could film us. I wasn’t thrilled with that aspect of the arrangement but I hadn’t gotten laid in a while so I figured I’d give it a shot. Jimmy said this blind date dating service was a can’t miss thing so what could I lose? They set me up with this really sexy blonde chick named Kylie who was basically a bored day school teacher looking for some spice in her mundane life. She claimed during her interview that she gave good blow jobs and I hadn’t had someone sucks my dick for so long I couldn’t remember. We were introduced and got loosened up with a few drinks before the service took us to a pole dancing expert that showed Kylie the tricks of the trade along with some lap dancing techniques. It was obvious we were both getting horny and as soon as Kylie jumped in my lap, things started to get heated up quickly. We were sucking on each other in a matter of seconds, and wound up in a 69. Kylie slid her shaved pussy down on my cock and we fucked each other like neither one of us had sex in years. We both were totally into each other before Kylie hit her knees to taste my creamy load. Now that’s a service I can recommend.

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Incredible is not her real name of course. But who gives a fuck? She’s one incredible slut after all. At nineteen, she is one of the best new XXX first timers we had ever filmed. If you’re tired of seeing the same old Californian broads on the same DVD box covers. Check her out! She has a wonderfully natural pair of 34DDs and look at that amazingly pure face! She looks like a fuckable angel! This big booby bitch can suck with such finesse that our cocks shoot up within milliseconds! Incredible tells us that she had only fucked six guys before she shot this porno. Our stud only sighed in anticipation. She turned out to be one very tight pussy. The kind of tightness that you’d love your love rod to jam the whole night through! She is so tight she actually cries while her pussy is mined of its goodness! You can imagine how this babe can induce us to a groaning mass of bodies.

Incredible sure has a lot of surprises up her sleeve. We never knew that this shy college student can cum many times. And despite her mild-mannered ways, she can be one who has a great appetite for sex. She reveals to us that there’s heat building up between her legs that needs to be put out by a man’s fresh jizz! She fucks like a sex-crazed Energizer bunny and we just love her!

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