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Julian booked Delilah Strong for a shoot. She showed up in a hot pink bikini with her juicy booty barely covered by the Brazilian cut on her suit. This was going to be a fun day. She was running late from the beach and asked to rinse off in the sets shower. Only if my camera man could video tape the soapy fun. She had no problem with that. Tore off her bikini, ran buck naked to the shower with her ass cheeks jiggling up and down as she made her way thru the studio. She opened the shower door, soaped up her entire body, smashing her ass against the door, which was so freakin hot. Once out, I buried my face between her juicy ass cheeks, licking her from asshole to clit. Delilah dug every minute of the anal play. I bent her over the sink, fucked her doggy until we moved to the bed, then I fucked her some more. Ass cheeks jiggling all over the place with each big cock thrust. You should check out the FULL movie ONLY at baby!

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Billy and Allison decide to skip the scene, and go straight to his place for a deep shlong and hard fuck. Once she realized how massive his banging wang was she had no objections. He can’t stop worshipping her big tits. She sucks his fat hog while Billy eats her dripping tasty fuckhole as she screams for more. She opens her long legs up and Billy shoves his wang inside her and fucks her like the goddess she is. Allison sits on his face while he tongues her booty and cum filled slot before he fucks her even harder as she she craves the deepest ride of her life.

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Basking in the sun on a beautiful day Charley Chase oils her body up then lounges on a floater with her boobs hanging out. Naked Christian does laps underneath her inflatable then pops up to surprise her by burying his face between her backside cheeks and sucking on her pink pussy lips. He stands in the pool, giving her a glimpse of his hard weiner and inviting her to suck on his tasty schlong. They float along the surface of the water making waves as he plunges into the depths of her muff before taking the show inside to dry off.

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Valerie Cortez dreamed of being a model ever since she could remember. She jumped at the chance to audition after she saw my ad in a local college circular. She rang the bell. I opened the door. Valerie’s cute pigtails were blowing in the breeze. I knew right then she was going to be a great fuck. My buddy and I chatted her up about her modeling goals. She made it clear she would do whatever it took to be a star. Music to my ears sweetie. I told her to remove her clothes for some nude photos. She didn’t hesitate. Next thing I know my buddy jumps on the scene, hard cock hanging out, teen Valerie looked shocked for about 3 seconds, then she grabbed his dick, sucked it from balls to tip, he rubbed her pussy, licked the clit, then bent her over for a hardcore fuck fest. Are all girls this easy?

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From sizzling legal teenagers, we move to a sexy Arabian Momma who’s just as equally stunning. Like our model Tabatha, this hot chick was

found outside her mosque. She was bawling her brains out and everyone around her seems to be ignoring her. Taking pity on the poor woman, Bruno

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My dear friend Claudia Valentine asked for my help. You see she just found out her husband cheated on her. Not just once, but a few times. Claudia is such a sweet chick, wonderful wife and a killer fuck so I don’t know how her dumbass husband could hurt her like that. She asked if I could get my buddy to fuck her on film while her hubby watched on. It was the only way she could see to get even and in the sweetest way possible. I quickly agreed to help my friend out ONLY if she promised her husband wouldn’t be a problem on set. She swore up and down he was cool with it. They show up, I introduce the couple to our resident stunt cock, he strips her down, shoves his dick in her mouth and we were off and running. DOWNLOAD the entire 45 minute fuck fest only at

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Apolonia Corleone

The Boss was so fond of this exotic eighteen year old that he christened her with a porn name: Apolonia Corleone. As a devout fan of the

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